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Guests at Brookfield Barn

We look forward to welcoming you as guests to Brookfield Barn to help celebrate the happy couples' day. We are a dedicated wedding venue that offers a stunning and peaceful location for the big day.

We hope you find this a useful section to answer your questions about what to expect at Brookfield Barn and allows you to sort out your plans.

The venue closes at midnight and taxis are difficult to get on the day so please book ahead to avoid getting stranded. There are limited rooms on site that are all allocated by the couple (we do not take direct bookings) but there is a whole range of other accommodation within a short taxi ride to suit all budgets.

We are proud to offer an extensive bar with draught beers, lagers and cider and with prices that are all below the country pubs around - we don't exploit you as guests with high bar prices! You can read more about the bar, our facilities, parking and timings in our guest FAQ section.

If you have further questions please do direct them to the couple rather than through us and anything they cannot answer they will revert themselves to us. We are not a venue with a standard way of working so couples can very much make their day their own so we do not know all the nuances of what they are planning!